Shawna Guheen of Allegria Massage in Pensacola shares all the latest news, research, info and benefits of massage therapy. While restorative and relaxing, massage therapy is very effective in treating a variety of conditions from depression to migraines and chronic pain. Find out how massage therapy can improve your health and overall well-being!

Recovering from injuries sustained in automobile accidents can be a process that requires patience and discrimination. Specialized treatment for musculo-skeletal injuries is often best found outside mainstream medical practice and is best treated by a very different approach; one that is gentle and paced to the body’s natural healing process. Massage is one of the

In Fresh Air on NPR, Terry Gross interviewed Matt Richtel (the technology reporter for the New York Times) about the new studies scientists are conducting on the effects of technology on our brains. Scientific evidence supports the idea that in modern culture, where we are inundated with information through various technological devices, the