Recovering from injuries sustained in automobile accidents can be a process that requires patience and discrimination. Specialized treatment for musculo-skeletal injuries is often best found outside mainstream medical practice and is best treated by a very different approach; one that is gentle and paced to the body’s natural healing process. Massage is one of the best, if not the best treatment for injuries resulting from auto accidents. Among other things massage can:

  • restore balance to the autonomic nervous system
  • provide relaxation to release trauma held in the muscles
  • increase circulation to reduce swelling by removing metabolic waste
  • increase range of motion
  • release myofacial adhesions
  • treat muscle strains and ligament strains

All too often people involved in motor vehicle accidents are misdirected to a treatment approach that involves simply suppressing the symptoms, which is counterproductive. Masking the pain creates the illusion that you can be more active than the body is ready for and this worsens the severity of the injury. This is the path that often leads to unnecessary surgery and more painful conditions that are then more difficult to treat, and can easily lead to addiction. Soft tissue injuries left untreated can also progress to more serious injuries.

Massage is covered by personal injury insurance and can provide exactly what is needed to restore health after a motor vehicle accident without any negative side effects. Taking your time and respecting the natural process is rewarded with an outcome that is true healing, often with no recurrence of the former pain. Make sure to research the experience and education of any health care provider and find the one that is best for you.

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